Micargi Bike Frame FM-HARMAN 4.0C 26" Ebike Stretch Cruiser Steel Frame

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Product description

The Micargi Harman 4.0C E-Bike boasts a distinctive stretch cruiser steel frame tailored for 26" x 4" tires. This bike not only combines modern aesthetics with classic charm in its appearance but also excels in terms of performance.

Its thoughtfully crafted stretch cruiser steel frame delivers a comfortable riding posture, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable experience even during long journeys. What's more, the frame comes equipped with a chain guard, ensuring your ride remains undisturbed by debris, allowing you to focus on the joy of cycling.

In terms of riding safety, the Micargi Harman 4.0C features a coaster brake system that offers responsive and dependable braking performance, ensuring you can come to a halt with ease whenever necessary. With a rear hub spacing of 170mm, the bike offers enhanced stability, adapting well to various road conditions.

Regarding frame details, the bottom brackets measure 40mm x 100mm, providing a sturdy support structure for reliable riding. Meanwhile, the head tube, measuring 38mm x 34mm x 140mm, contributes to excellent handling, enabling you to navigate diverse road terrains effortlessly.


Micargi Harman 4.0C 26" E-Bike Stretch Cruiser Steel Frame For 26''x 4 '' tire.

 Stretch Cruiser Steel Frame and Chain Guard for 26'' x 4'' Tire.

Coaster Brake

Rear Hub Spacing 170mm.

Bottom Brackets: 40mm x 100mm.

Head Tube: 38mm x 34mm x 140mm. 

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